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8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Perhaps you dream of a kitchen like this…

However, when you stumble toward the coffeemaker first thing in the morning, you come face to face with YOUR HORRIBLE KITCHEN…

Is your kitchen the pits? Can’t spend mega bucks for remodeling?

Here are 8 easy and cheap ideas:

  1. Cabinets: Paint them cream or Martha green. Consider adding molding to create the look of a center panel.
  2. Back Splash:  How about bead-board or stainless steel panels for a modern look? For a more casual look, you could try blackboard paint or corkboard.
  3. Counter top: Tiles are easy and cheap, or a new laminate counter top costs around $300.
  4. Floor: If the surface is flat, consider stone or brick look vinyl self-stick tiles or even deck paint with stenciling.
  5. Walls: Repaint in a color that coordinates with your new cabinet color – ie: cream w/sage green cabinets or light sage green with cream cabinets.
  6. Appliances: If your appliances are black, white or stainless, leave them as is. If they are an odd color, consider appliance facing – comes in a kit.
  7. Lighting: Not enough light? Consider newer track lighting from a Scandinavian store or big box home improvement store.
  8. Clutter Control: If you have enough room, consider a tall skinny put-it-together-yourself bookcase outfitted with wicker baskets to hide all your day-to-day clutter.

This kind of update can cost between $500 and $1000, depending on your choices.

Hope this helps!!!!!

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