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Snowbound in Stratford, CT

Stratford CT Historical DistrictSnowed in in Stratford CTTake a look at these pictures of Old Stratford Historical district! My street probably looks just like it did in the early 1800’s with the exception of the telephone poles.

We’ve had a wonderful coming together of good neighbors all helping each other. One of my kind neighbors created a path from my home to theirs so that we could get to each other in case of emergency. Three other neighbors followed suit, and all four of my closest neighbors are all connected to each other by paths cut through the three foot plus mountains of snow.
Fran's Front Porch in Stratford CTPaths through the snow in Stratford CT

We’ve been snowbound for three days and have high hopes of the town plows coming through on Tuesday! Although it was frustrating to have to cancel appointments and an open house, I have to say that other than sore muscles from shoveling, this is a more benign emergency situation than Hurricane Sandy was. We didn’t lose power, so we all had heat and everyone had food and good neighbors to help each other out.Buried Car in Stratford CTBackyard Snow in Stratford CT

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