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HELLO BIG BANK, HOLDER OF MY MORTGAGE, CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!! Even with well-meaning government intervention, it is almost impossible to refinance the mortgage on your upside down home. Here are a few tips I gleaned from a NY Times article by Lisa Provost: First, she recommends writing the hardship letter yourself. Second, she says not to assume the bank has...

Keeping Up Appearances to Attract Buyers to Your Home!

The next time you drive home, take an unvarnished look at how inviting your house looks from the street. Try to see your home through the eyes of a potential buyer, and honestly evaluate what their first impression might be. Next, take a walk around the house - keep your "buyer goggles" on! These photos are of  the Stratford, CT home...

RealtyQuest moves Darien CT real estate sales office

Darien, CT real estate firm RealtyQuest Real Estate Sales and Services has just moved to 30 Old Kings Highway South from its former office at 15 Corbin Drive. “Our new home is a big step up for us in terms of quality and convenience”, states RealtyQuest owner David Epprecht.  “The 30 OKHS office, only a few hundred yards from the old location, affords even greater...

Stratford Sales Report – September 2011

Highest Sale Price: $380,000 - 240 Chapel Street after 291 DOM Lowest Sale Price $125,000 - 125 Dover Street after 8 DOM September 2011 - 29 Single Family homes sold vs 20 Single Family homes in 2010 Average selling price September 2011 - $239,216 Average selling price September  2010 - $246,100 Average listing price September 2011 - $253,211 Average listing price September 2010 -  $ 261,411 Median...

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Perhaps you dream of a kitchen like this... However, when you stumble toward the coffeemaker first thing in the morning, you come face to face with YOUR HORRIBLE KITCHEN... Is your kitchen the pits? Can't spend mega bucks for remodeling? Here are 8 easy and cheap ideas: Cabinets: Paint them cream or Martha green. Consider adding molding to create the look of a center...

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